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Adding value & function

Opening up opportunities at home

Property extensions can add value both financially and personally for property owners, tenants and guests by providing luxury functional spaces that serve a desired purpose. Whether your interest is in creating a professional workspace, additional storage and utility space, living & lounge areas or other functional rooms, we can provide the services required to design and build your ideal space

Planning, Design & Assessment

Professionalism at every stage

Express interest, state function and build with purpose. At Redway construct we pride ourselves on utilising and maintaining a clear line of communication between clients and the relevant experts at each stage of project development. Complete with free home visits for project assessment (subject to booking), we like to maintain an open dialogue during the design, planning and construction of all property extension projects, ensuring that priorities are met and schedules are clear.

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Finishing Touches

Furnishings, Media and Utilities

Have complete customisation of your new space, inclusive of interior design choices, key features, furnishings, utilities and desired media devices & features. The teams at Redway construct are equipped to design and deliver functional, desirable extension projects right down to the finest detail.

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