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New Build Construction Services

For Homeowners, Property Developers and Commercial Property Managers across Surrey & Hampshire.

We are proud to be able to provide a one-stop solution for property developers interested in new build construction projects. With 40+ Years of shared expertise in carpentry, building, and construction, the team at Redway Construct has delivered new build projects by providing the land, labor, materials and management needed for a range of clients.


We pride ourselves on being able to construct pristine properties to the highest standard through a professional service. Utilizing our industry accredited workforce, Redway Construct is able to plan, manage and implement new builds, inclusive of structural, plumbing and electrical needs with the option a completely furnished finish.


Whether working to deliver a new build for use as a domestic property or as commercial premises, Redway Construct’s expertise continues to benefit property developers across Guildford, Godalming and throughout Surrey.

What to expect

Project Management Expertise​


We offer a complete solution for our clients, allowing them to utilise one familiar team for all of their project needs, updates and considerations. Our expertise provides complete coverage of new build project requirements.


Recommended Architects & Trade Associates

If our clients don’t have a trusted architect already available to them, then we are happy to put them in contact with an architect that is right for their project. We have worked with all of our ‘recommended architects’ in previous projects and resultantly, are happy to vouch for their expertise for future projects.


Streamlining the process:
Planning Permission and other permits

Operating specifically in Guildford, Godalming and throughout Surrey, we know the local requirements and local authorities needed to secure planning permission as efficiently as possible. Most new builds in the South East require planning permission and we are well versed in securing these applications.


Complete compliance with UK Building Regulations

We maintain a consistent familiarity with building regulations and ensure that all of our new build projects in Guildford, Godalming and across the South East are in compliance with all required regulations.

Honest & Direct Communication

From the costing of project requirements to the drawing of structural plans, we aim to provide clarity and honesty at each stage of every new build project.

Progress Reports

We are vigilant in assessing and monitoring projects as they develop and work closely with our clients to assure that there is complete situational awareness as desired.

Benefits of a New Build project

Construct your perfect new build from the ground up. Designing and constructing a new structure can be an exciting and rewarding project that includes a range of benefits. With complete control over structural design and opportunity for that bespoke touch, the team at Redway Construct are able to help you build an energy efficient, safe and secure building, designed to your specification. By starting fresh we can ensure that your structure is compliant with the latest legislation, whilst minimizing the households overall Carbon footprint. Additional benefits include:

  • Opportunities for that personal touch

  • Complete control over flooring, fixtures colour schemes and more

  • Advanced safety and security options 

  • Up to date Fire Safety

  • Energy efficiency 

  • Designed & Constructed by Accredited Professionals with decades of expertise

  • & more


For our clients in Guildford, Godalming and across the South East, the primary benefit of a new build property remains the personalised touch that it offers. From the flooring and fixtures to the overall colour scheme, a new build offers property owners complete design input for the ultimate bespoke touch.


Our new build builders also have to comply with the latest legislation in regard to energy-efficiency. These far exceed those that were in place in the past. When implemented by experienced, accredited builders, these measures offer our clients a home that is far cheaper to run as well as reducing the household carbon footprint.

Utilise an expert perspective, realise available benefits and consider the realities of your project needs. Whether starting a new build or working on an on-going project, contact the team at Redway Construct today to find out how we can help you achieve your construction goals and new build project today.