Kitchens, Utilities & Dining Spaces

Installed with ease by REDWAY CONSTRUCT


Whether designing a bespoke kitchen or adapting a show-room installation, optimise its potential and design the ideal kitchen space to serve your property’s needs.


Installed by trade professionals, equipped with the expertise and skills to minimise and resolve any on-the-job concerns in a professional, efficient manner.


Ensure complete accountability for required electrical and water utility features in your kitchen space with trusted design and installation services. Utility machine acquisition available upon request (options available).


Rest easy and utilise efficient, durable materials complete with a stylised finished to the desired effect. Once material choices have been confirmed, logistics and delivery schedules are taken care of.

Maintenance & Repair

Make the most of existing spaces and utility areas with our trusted structural fix and repair services for kitchen spaces. 


Create pragmatic, welcoming spaces as desired. Whether creating a space solely for efficient cooking capability or one that allows for entertainment of guests and family, influence your design through consultation with our planning professionals.

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Define parameters, assess requirements and explore the potential of your project with a member of the Redway construct team, by booking a site visit today.