New Kitchen Design. Image by Steven Ungermannen.

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Looking for trusted builders in Surrey?

We are Redway Construct, a professional building company based in Guildford. We pride ourselves on being reliable and approachable with a comprehensive range of construction solutions for homeowners, landlords, property managers, housing associations and contractors throughout Surrey.

Comprised of local trade experts with over 20 years experience in property construction, renovation and development, we're confident that we can deliver on your building needs. Having developed properties in both domestic and commercial settings, we have both the experience and expertise to produce luxurious, practical living & working spaces on schedule and to budget. Explore a selection of our most popular services below.

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Property Extension with design included. Image by Redway Construct.
Hallway refurbishment services. Image by Philipp Berndt.

Make the most of your property

with Redway Construct


Building Services in Guildford, Godalming and the surrounding areas.

Whether it be through providing a specialist trade service, the design of architectural plans or the sourcing and procurement of materials, our established network of professional traders, suppliers and businesses allow us to cater for a wide range of construction needs, effectively and efficiently.


Explore our range of core trades and services below:



Architectural Designs. Image by Sergey Zolkin.

We plan with precision, utilise creative design and work to clear objectives. Whether utilising off the shelf solutions or investing in designs with a personal touch, make the most of your project with professional planning and design services from Redway Construct. From concept design to architectural planning, we ensure that all of our projects give full consideration to building regulations, structural integrity and energy efficiency.


With a natural eye for design and 20+ years trade expertise we believe we can offer you the best design solutions for your construction project.


Discuss the intended function, purpose and use for the space with a member of our team today to make the most of your construction project.


As a local construction company with expertise in carpentry & joinery solutions and over 20 year’s experience developing properties throughout Surrey and South East England, we have honed and refined our trade skills on a diverse range of construction projects, both for commercial and domestic clients.


From First and Second fix carpentry needs to the fitting of storage, flooring and furniture to the bespoke design and build of exterior decking area, we can provide a range of specialist carpentry, joinery and framing solutions.

Carpentry Tools & Equipment. Image by cetteup.
Housing developments. Image by Ivan Bandura.


Operating out of Guildford and throughout the surrounding areas, we provide our clients with comprehensive access to core and specialist trades through the management, procurement, coordination and delivery of construction services through packaged-contract services. Whether your project requires general labour or trade expertise, Redway Construct can provide professional accredited tradesmen to suit individual tasks and the overall project at hand.

Hallway refurbishment services. Image by Philipp Berndt.

Save on costs through packaged services

with Redway Construct


Make the most of your kitchen space. Whether you’re looking to refresh your cooking facilities or to create a living, dining space for entertaining family and guests, a fresh kitchen space can inject a new lease of life in to a home. All of our kitchen fitting projects throughout Surrey include the planning and installation of gas, electrical, water and other utility services, as required. Explore your options by booking a site or home visit with a member of the team today.

Kitchen Refurbishment project with designs. Image by Redway Construct.
Loft Conversion project. Image by Sebastian Herrmann.


Add function and purpose to your property with Redway Construct’s comprehensive property conversion services. We specialise in helping homeowners, property managers and landlords to utilise existing spaces in their properties, resulting in improved day-to-day function of each space and adding value to the property as a whole. Whether your interest is in creating a home office, a new bedroom or additional living and storage space, book a home visit to explore the potential of property conversion on your premises today.


Create a space of style and comfort. Utilise expert services from trusted local professionals to design and develop ideal living spaces for family, guests and tenants. With comprehensive design options available for storage space, bespoke features, furniture and accessories, homeowners, landlords and hospitality managers throughout Surrey continue to make the most of our carpentry expertise and our bespoke building services. Speak with the team or book a free property visit today to find out more explore your property’s potential.

Bedroom & Hallway interior design. Image by Mustafa Omar.
Bathroom refurbishment project. Image by Steven Ungermann.


Prestige washrooms and beautiful bathroom facilities. Designed with precision and implemented by experts, our bath and wet-room construction projects help property owners to instal a fresh, comfortable wash facility with ease. From personal bathrooms to communal facilities, we can provide packaged-solutions to suit specific requirements, resulting in a functional space with a desirable finish. Inclusive of all water, electrical and design needs, speak with the team to explore the potential of a new bathroom or wet-room on your property today.

Hallway refurbishment services. Image by Philipp Berndt.

Give your property purpose and function

with Redway Construct

Modern House


Utilise comprehensive solutions and management expertise for new build construction projects in Guildford, Godalming and the surrounding areas. Redway Construct has the knowledge, means and professional relations to cater for the ‘A-Z’ of services required within New build construction. Whether you have an interest in a prospective project or an urgent need on an existing project, contact the team at Redway Construct today to find out how we can help you.



Refresh a space and maximise its potential through Redway Construct’s trusted refurbishment services. Update utilities, increase energy efficiency and revamp an existing space by room-specific or wholistic refurbishment services. Complete with optional planning, purchasing, installation and removal services, we aim to provide streamlined solutions for homeowners and commercial property managers in Guildford, Godalming and throughout the surrounding areas. Find out more and explore refurbishment potential on your property by speaking with a member of the team and booking a free site visit today.

Open Plan living room kitchen. Image by Christa Grover.
Property Extension with design overlay. Image by Redway Construct.


Add value to your property with professional, trusted property extension services from Redway Construct. Make the most of available space with our prestige property extension services, complete with trade expertise, design & planning, procurement and installation, as required. We aim to help you add function, value and purpose to your property, inclusive of energy efficient utilities and solutions for bespoke needs & design requirements. Explore the potential of a property extension on your premises by speaking with a member of the team or booking a site visit today.



We’re proud to provide expert carpentry, joinery and framing services as well as specialist roofers and tilers with decades of construction experience working specifically on properties in Surrey and throughout South East England. To that end, our team of roofing specialists work to optimise waterproofing, heat regulation and energy efficiency through in every project. Whether working on problem areas or installing a completely new roof, we can take care of the planning, sourcing, delivery and installation of all materials that are required, as necessary. Have a specific need for roofing services? Whether in urgent need or planning ahead, speak with a member of the team or book a property visit today.

Roof installation project with design overlay. Image by Redway Contruct.
New Kitchen Design. Image by Steven Ungermannen.

Redway Construct

Comprehensive Building Services in Guildford

  • Project Management

  • Material supply

  • Manual Labour

  • Masonry

  • Electrical

  • Carpentry & Joinery

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Windows & Glazing

  • Office Fit Out

  • Retainer/Handyman Services

  • New Build Construction

  • Refurbishment & Renovation 

  • Property Extensions & Conversions

  • Landscape Design

  • Parking and Storage

Find the right solution for you with REDWAY CONSTRUCT, local construction experts based in Guildford, Surrey.

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Office hours in Guildford are from 9:00AM - 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Ask for Geoff!  |  Tel: 07541 308 302

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