-External Projects-









-External Projects-








Staying true to our word of providing a comprehensive package for our clients, we provide for a wide range of external projects. 

When providing for our outdoor projects we develop the intended space and design structures to the finest detail resulting in installations that compliment the surrounding area. Aiming to satisfy our clients by delivering projects as desired, the team at REDWAY are on hand and available to discuss the potential of any external structures and exterior projects.

Explore a range of our most popular outdoor projects by reading on, below.

Exterior Decking

Providing additional social & living space, as well as potential storage areas, our exterior decking projects have complimented our clients properties adding value, at little expense, to their property.

Home Offices

Providing subtle, suitable offices bespoke to our clients properties has become a refined, favourable service of ours. Taking in to account the desired space, the intended function of the office and it's surrounding area, we design, supply, manufacture & install all materials and structures to meet building regulations and satisfy property owners.

A bespoke home office can compliment both your business and your property and all you need to do to find out more is get in touch with the team!

Summer houses

An added touch to a garden throughout the seasons. Our staff can assess and install both bespoke and 'store-bought' summer houses. 

Bespoke Service

Bespoke at every stage of the process. Utilising our property visit service, our in house designers and our manufacturing facilities we can produce a unique summer house that adds a desired touch to any garden space.

Custom Sheds & Storage space

Our Custom shed and external storage space projects often provide a subtle, but much needed function to a property. Taking in to account both your needs and intentions for the space, we can provide a bespoke design service or a store-purchase at your request.

Exploit our free property visit service to see what we can do for your garden and external space.

Aris Fencing & Boundary features

Our team have supplied and installed Aris fencing to many of our clients, adding those final touches through subtle design that allows for privacy and a pleasant view.

Pavilions & external social areas

Working to implement structures that fit seamlessly in to their surroundings, we have been particularly proud of our external space projects. 

Having designed and implemented a range of subtle, solid wood structures, our teams are experienced in producing social areas that provide a welcoming atmosphere and new perspective to the space.

How can we transform the exterior space of your property?

With a range of services on offer for external property development and a team of experienced, accredited tradesmen, we're confident that we can provide added value to all of our clients. If you're interested to explore options for your external space, then submit an enquiry via our contact page and we'll see what we can do for you!