-Extensions, New Builds & Conversions-








-Extensions, New Builds & Conversions-







We specialise in creating & transforming living spaces. With demand for living space on the rise, an extension or conversion can provide that desired and sought after space. Whether it be for living and social areas, home offices, new kitchens or that much needed additional storage, we can provide installations bespoke to your property in existing & new builds.


We've helped our clients in a range of ways through our property & home extension projects. From planning to construction to water & electrics, we take care of the holistic needs of property extension projects and this has resulted in new home offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, living and social areas, all complete with convenient, subtle storage space.

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Whether it's a new bedroom or a tucked away personal space, a loft conversion could be just the option you're looking for to add a new dimension to your property. Planned and implemented to be structurally safe and optimise use of space, our loft conversion designs come complete with a variety of glazing options that allow our clients to capitalise on natural light.

Since every conversion project is bespoke to the property, we provide free property visits where one of our staff can provide further information on potential conversion options and requirements.

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Complete New Builds

Our experienced team of accredited staff is built up of men and women from a variety of trades and this allows us to provide a holistic package when it comes to complete new-build projects. Working closely with both surveyors, architects and local councils, our staff manage and deliver project needs from the planning stages right through to the delivery of the property to market. 

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